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We believe in delivering value to our customers, and making sure they get the most out of every dollar they spend with us. The first way we do that for our customers is to make sure the repair is done correctly, by the best craftsmen, and with the best parts. The second way is to make sure the customer doesn't have to spend money on the same repair twice. Do it right, do it once. That is why we offer the *C-Guarantee* - the industry's only 5-Year, 100,000-mile Warranty on repairs.

The *C-Guarantee* is our commitment to delivering the best quality repairs available, and backing those repairs with peace-of-mind that goes down the road with you far longer than the competition. We offer our customers this guarantee because we know how stressful auto repair can be, and we want them to know we have their back for the long-haul. We are here to be a partner in making vehicles last longer, go further, and keep your family safer.

Our competitors only offer 12,000 mile and 36,000 mile warranty options. They often say we are insane to cover our work for 100,000 miles, and ask us how we do it. Our answer is simple: "We do the job right the first time." We search out the best technicians, we only use the best parts, and we go through everything with a fine-toothed comb. We know when an owner drives away, they won't come back for the same problem, but they will come back for their next oil change.

Our customers are loyal to us, and we are thankful for that. The reason they become loyal, is because the *C-Guarantee* puts our loyalty to them in writing, up front. No gimmicks, no headaches, just loyalty, honesty, and quality right off the bat. Before you go to the competition, ask yourself why they won't stand behind their work the way we do.

**Restrictions apply, see store for details.



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Josh and his crew have been nothing but deserving of 5-Star service all throughout their work on my brakes. Keep up the good work guys! As for me, I'm back to delivery services and finding my next gig.

, 02/13/2023

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